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Well to say things have changed these past few months with Covid-19 would be an understatement, but my commitment to helping my clients maintain a heathy lifestyle through nutrition and movement has not wavered.  All that's changed is the creative ways in which I am still able to service my loyal clients through virtual or socially distant sessions. 

Nutrition Kitchen and Body focuses on WHOLE body health and wellness which incorporates every aspect of your health; from what you put in your mouth to how you move your body. 

The services I now offer have changed a bit but I believe for the best while we get through this difficult time. Services include meal planning, virtual nutrition/health coaching, and socially distant or Zoom personal training sessions. All services can be booked online. Please email me with any questions. Thank you!


Meet Kimmie Whitman

Owner of Nutrition Kitchen & Body

Hi and thanks for visiting me here at Nutrition Kitchen & Body! I am a wife and mother of three (Mackenzie-13, Lundy-10 and Louie 6) just trying to keep my head above water most days.Most days I can be found in my kitchen or office creating or discovering healthy new recipes or personal training my wonderful clients. I am also a group fitness and spin instructor and love teaching.I love eating good food AND anything where I am moving my body, playing with my kids, running/walking, working out, biking and hiking. My true loves are my family and my dear friends who have inspired me to purse this journey. 

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"Kimmie offers incredible support and a full range of services that make good nutrition possible with a busy lifestyle. While trying to manage the multiple demands of life, opening the refrigerator to healthy food choices and simple to prepare meals saves the day! From food choice selections to simple healthy recipes and efficient cooking techniques-Nutrition Kitchen is incredible!"

                                                               -Traci, Busy working mom of two  

“As a busy working mom of three growing kiddos, I am always looking for ways to make healthy eating easier for me and my family. Kimmie has introduced me to new products, recipes and preparation habits that have improved my family's diet , saved me tons of time and helped me drop the last five pounds of lingering baby weight.”

—Emily, mother of three

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